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3 view model of Susan Constant

We have been providing ship-grade domestic and tropical wood for new build and restoration work since 1987. More than 11 species of tropical hardwood are available including:

          • Purpleheart
          • Greenheart
          • Kabukalli
          • South American Locust
          • Tatabu

Domestic North American deck and spar grade timbers and dimensioned lumber of Douglas Fir and Sitka Spruce are available as well. The lead time for orders varies, but 4-6 months is reasonable for the tropical hardwood, slightly less time for the Domestic wood, depending on the size. Consultations regarding the best choice of wood for your specific application is offered. Each specie of wood is chosen for its unqiue properties. Considerations are: density, strength-to-weight ratio, durability, resistance to rot and marine bores.


Allen has spent a significant amount of time in Central and South American jungles working with the Arowak and other indigenous people who harvest and mill the trees into timbers and dimensioned lumber.

Harvesting is closely controlled by the Governments in every country our wood is harvested. Specific regulations determine how many board feet, and from which area of the country, each species is cut in a given year. Therefore, availability of all species may vary.

A strong proponent of controlled harvesting. Allen believes that using superior grade timbers actually saves trees because, "...vessels built with superior lumber will last decades with few, if any, repairs to the structural members, thereby reducing the need to harvest more trees."


"Using the finest wood that is available, traditional shipbuilding methods, combined with modern materials and fastenings can result in a sea-worthy vessel that is worthy of a country's flag or a company's banner."


A keel timber of selected Greenheart or Purpleheart will insure the ship-to-be-born has a strong backbone.

Tropical hardwood frame futtocks fastened with wooden tru'nnels (treenails) provide the basis for a strong, durable hull structure. Hull planking may be hardwood from keel to load waterline and Douglas Fir upwards to the deck edge or bularks.


Douglas Fir timbers from the American Northwest are often the best choice for framing the deck of a ship. Vertical-grain, deck grade fir is an excellent choice for planking the deck of a ship, again fastened to the deck frames with tru'nnels.

Bow End of Susan Constant Model


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